Kurt Peters

Pastoral Supervisor



Ministry Coach

Kurt Peters

Pastoral Supervisor



Ministry Coach

Pastoral Supervision for ministers, supervisors, counsellors, chaplains, teachers, cross-cultural workers and others in paid and unpaid christian ministry.

Registered Supervisor

Australasian Association
of Supervision

Trained Counsellor

Co-founder of
Biblical Counselling Australia

Experienced Pastor

17+ years experience

Ministry Coach

10+ years experience

What is Pastoral Supervision?


How am I going physically, emotionally, spiritually & relationally
as God’s image bearer?


How should I wisely navigate
the professional & pastoral relationships of my ministry?


 How has God uniquely created and gifted me for this time?


What new realities & opportunities is God making possible? 

Pastoral Supervision defined

Pastoral Supervision is about collaborating with another person to prayerfully pursue God’s agenda for transformation through active reflection on your ministry practice.

It is about thinking biblically about your ministry practice to enjoy God’s work of change in the day-to-day. It is a relationship outside your ministry context that offers encouragement and support to persevere in the rigours of ministry life. The supervision relationship is characterised by trust, confidentiality, voluntary accountability, support and freedom to explore issues arising in your ministry.

Challenging pastoral situations, difficult ministry team relationships, personal struggles and sins,  ethical practice, life and work balance, self-care strategies, development of ministry skills and offloading of distressing incidents are examples of some of the issues that can be brought to supervision.

How does supervision work?

Supervision begins with a fee free Zoom chat with Kurt to figure out the potential of the supervisory relationship. If the relationship proceeds, the supervisee typically commits to 8 to 9 x 60-minute sessions over 12 months on ZOOM or face to face. In each session Kurt will work with the supervisee to biblically reflect on the chosen focus of the session. This includes discerning God’s wisdom, encouragement and vision for the supervisee’s ministry practice. Toward the end of the session, Kurt will collaborate with the supervisee to summarise the session and decide on concrete action points and directions to take out of the session.

Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision
St Mark's Theological Centre
Graduate Certificates in Biblical Counselling
Christian Counselling & Educational Foundation (CCEF)
2015 - 2017
Ph.D candidate (Christian growth)
Christ College
Certificates in Personal Peacemaking and Conflict Coaching
Peacewise Australia
Masters of Divinity
Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC)
2005 - Present
St Matts Botany
2011 - Present
Pastoral Supervision
Various Christian Ministry workers
Founder and Director
Biblical Counselling Australia
2019 - Present
Board Member
Restore Ministries
Ordained Minister
Anglican church of Australia

Fees for supervision

The standard rate for each supervision session (60 minutes) varies depending the supervisee’s situation. The sessions are invoiced after they take place. I typically meet with supervisee’s 8-9 times in a year. Please let me know if you can’t afford this rate and I will see how I can help. 

How to fund your supervision?

Finances should never get in the way of someone receiving good pastoral supervision. It is in light of that I have developed a Pastoral Supervision funding platform called Red Sheep. Take a look to see how you could crowdfund for your pastoral supervision or apply for a subsidy.

In addition, many churches, denominations and mission organisations are fully or partially funding the cost of supervision for their ministry workers. Consider talking to your church/organisation’s governing body about how they could contribute towards the cost of you receiving supervision.

  • Email: kurtkel@gmail.com
  • Mobile: 0405 905 976